A shift in the Media Status Quo

How to (not) respond to the changing market

by Diana Turkova

A shift in the Media Status Quo

Technology empowers media companies to keep up with harsh requirements of today's market. That is why digital transformation has been a buzz word for quite some time and many companies try to digitise their media supply chain in every possible way.

But do they truly understand what it takes to truly digitally transform and which value it brings to their company? Apparently not as only 30% of digital transformation efforts actually succeed.

If you want to get a clearer view on why your company needs digital transformation and which mistakes you are making right now on your way to digital nirvana - download our white paper and learn on!


  • Media is shifting digital
  • Don't let those illusions divert your digital course
  • So, what does digital transformation bring to the media table?
  • Strategic partnership is they key to successful digital transformation

Download here the White paper.