RTL Belguim

How we built a fully integrated live radio production automation in a single touch screen.

by Diana Turkova

RTL Belguim
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The problem

Being a good radio presenter is more than having a deep voice and good journalism skills. To operate music, phones, visualisation, jingles you need to be a trained technician. RTL Belgium used powerful solutions, but all of them needed to be controlled by many screens and many pushes of the right buttons in the right order. RTL Belgium asked Pluxbox to create a solution with fewer screens and fewer buttons but more functionality. So that presenters can focus on their main task - presenting whilst the audience gets access to full blown media productions over radio and IP.

The solution

By configuring Pluxbox Platform with the right integrations, we created workspaces that showed exactly the right content and functionalities for different roles within the production team. By using the power of specialised radio solutions such as M&I OmniPlayer, Lawo, RCS GSelector, OPNS and OpenMedia, our solution empowered RTL Belgium to become more flexible and free from routine lengthy tasks. Pluxbox Platform glued all the integrations and let them work seamlessly together. Most importantly, all of this functionality was available in one screen.

The result

Thanks to our fruitful collaboration, the radio maker now has the right tools to create voice tracks, rush recordings and use them seamlessly in their show. Radio DJ and producer now have a personalised lean interface with the right buttons for the right process. Thanks to our solution, RTL Belgium was able to streamline their content creation process; to onboard new personeel faster with less training; and to decrease the time spent on maintenance activities.

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