One platform for all your production needs

Great technology doesn’t have to be technical.

Pluxbox is a digital (cloud-based) communications & collaboration platform built for the radio and media industries – and based on the day-to-day working processes involved. It brings together every element that a production team needs in a single location – enabling you to future-proof your operation through increased productivity, reach & revenue.

The platform is based on a simple, dynamic licensing model that is not dependent on major capital investment and minimizes physical disruption to your existing infrastructure. We enable you to grow your business in a versatile and scalable way – so that you never been to make another large technology infrastructure again. Learn more

Building custom solutions is child’s play

Creating business apps and processes of any complexity is as easy as playing with LEGO – even for your non-IT employees - thanks to our unique Interface Builder. Your team can move elements around, involve colleagues, comment on actions, and manage all the relevant processes – in a single, integrated environment. Learn more

Easily integrate solutions into an organization’s digital ecosystem

With Pluxbox, you can seamlessly integrate solutions into your organization’s wider digital ecosystem. We use a family of sophisticated tools (OData, REST, GraphQL) to identity and access control; complemented by a company organizational structure for fast integration.

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Out-of-the-box solutions & solutions

Why reinvent the wheel (by building applications from scratch) every time, when you can accelerate application development using our out-of-the-box solutions and templates? We’ll simplify the entire process for you and your team - boosting your productivity. Visit marketplace