We’ll help you reach the summit of media success

Implementing a versatile technology platform is essential. But it’s your people who make it truly successful. Which is why we offer a suite of services to support you (and them) every step of the way.

Our starting point is not a product or a platform: it’s you and your KPIs. Our philosophy is to work with you on identifying the greatest challenge you have – and where we can make the greatest difference to your business. We then apply a system of iterative learning and improvement to solve it. Along the way, new challenges, questions and opportunities will arise. And although we may not always be able to predict what they are, you can be assured that we have a proven and predictable working methodology to tackle them. Learn more

Customer Success Manager

We take a modular approach to building your media production environment. But sometimes you need the help of a knowledgeable ‘architect’ – who knows which building blocks are available and how they best fit together to meet your unique needs. This is the idea behind our Customer Success Manager concept. Drawing on our experience and learnings from previous projects, we can help you build a custom platform in the most (cost) efficient and optimal way possible. Get in touch

Easily integrate your solutions into the digital ecosystem of your radio station


Specify stories, DoD, DoR


Design, develop, test


Inform, release, educate


Measure, learn, improve

You need a seamless solution that integrates all elements of your digital ecosystem - simply and harmoniously. This is exactly what we provide with the Pluxbox implementation methodology. It’s based on AGILE – the global industry standard for project management. It’s proven to significantly reduce project timelines; boost communication between team members; and ultimately deliver a turnkey solution that meets all your needs. We achieve it through this clear, four-step process.

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The Pluxbox platform helps you get more from your people by making them happier and more productive. Through our training services we can accelerate this process by enabling them to get more out of Pluxbox.

Our team can conduct group or one-on-one sessions to talk both your production and IT teams through the platform and its many features to ensure that you maximize your investment – and stay at the top.

Business Process Manager

Guides the whole process from a business perspective.

Interface Designer

Ensures that applications are intuitive and easy-to-use

Software Developer

Creates new applications to meet your business needs

Technical support Packages

  Basic Business Premium
Subscription % from licenses cost 10% 15%
Unlimited number of cases
Consultation on software installation and configuration
Consultation on functionality
Consultation on customization(With the help of Plubox Studio)
Consultation on configuration and development of Pluxbox platform(Consultation on configuration and development on Pluxbox P latform) -
Updates to new versions and critical patches provision
Identification and elimination of software malfunctions
Access to Pluxbox Community
Offline support (Pluxbox community, email)
Online support (Phone, remote) -
Priorities management - -
Dedicated Customer Success Manager - -