Go with the ‘flow’

With Radio Workflow

One size really does fit all

The beauty of our modular platform is that you can build and customize to suit your precise needs. If you’re a radio company, that means the ability to choose from a variety of different modules which can be easily adjusted - and supplemented with other self-made modules.

So, ready to take a look at what you can do?

The Electronic Program Guide

The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) enables you to plan programs and augment it with extra (meta) data. This in turn can be used internally, to determine what program is being produced from which studio – and by which DJ and production team. And it can also be externally distributed, via websites, apps, DAB (+) or RDS. Learn more

Revamp your Rundown

Now you can prepare shows with On-Air purpose, faster and more effectively. You can link playlists, guests, messages and social interaction with your rundown. You can link your rundown to camera pre-sets or broadcast overlays. You can even automatically generate podcasts - or send information as guests and enriched Now Playing information - to your website. Learn more

Amplify your outreach

Reach your audience via the right channel, in the right format, at the right time. No matter where your listeners are (and which platform they use) you can now connect them seamlessly to your brand – thanks to Pluxbox ‘permissoned’ contextual content delivery. We’ll help you boost listener engagement and create a larger, more loyal fan base.

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Make newswires work harder

Curating your news has never been easier. See how you can use Pluxbox to convert it easily into radio, internet or social content.

The result: incoming newswires from different sources now become true, multi-channel stories.

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Connect with your audience

Now you can interact with your listeners through a whole world of social channels - from your own radio station’s phone App, to SMS, Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. You can send push notifications for news and promotional message – and receive a direct response in return.