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The ability to build a virtual radio production environment contained in a single tablet is no longer a dream for our industry, it’s a reality - and given the effects of Covid, perhaps even a necessity. At Pluxbox, we’ll help you achieve this - and a whole lot more via a low-risk, high-reward platform proven to help radio companies future-proof their operations while improving their reach, revenues and productivity. Pluxbox is here. Ready catch the next wave?

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What is Pluxbox?

A single platform, built around your needs

What is Pluxbox?

A single platform, built around your needs

Pluxbox is a cloud-based software platform built specifically for the radio industry and around the day-to-day working processes involved. It brings together every element that a production team needs in a single location – enabling them to work in harmony. And it’s all based on a simple, dynamic licensing model that is not dependent on major capital investment and minimizes physical disruption to your existing infrastructure.

Pluxbox is not an ‘off the shelf’ system. It was created for radio - and it’s made-to-measure.

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Pluxbox for productivity

Empower your production team - to produce!

Traditional radio broadcast technology is ‘event’ driven. It’s not smart or automated. Instead, it needs constant human input to work - from the play-out system to web site interactions. Broadcast teams perform all these ‘micro actions’ using a disparate and often unconnected toolbox – often locked in systems and behind email addresses. In fact, research shows that workers toggle between applications up to 10 times every hour.

Pluxbox boosts your productivity: automating and integrating menial tasks and enabling the production team to collaborate remotely – and do what they do best: create!

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Pluxbox for reach

Measure, analyze and improve your content

To improve your reach, you need to be (and remain!) relevant. Today, we see production teams overloaded with information they don’t need, yet starved of the information they really need to measure, analyze and improve the content they produce. Compare radio stations to competitors like google. These companies are steeped in the intelligent use of analytics and data to hone their offering. To remain competitive, radio companies need to start thinking the same way.

Pluxbox improves your reach by automatically collecting valuable data (eg audience metrics) and turning this into actionable intelligence for your team to improve the relevance and quality of future content.

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Pluxbox for revenue

Interact with your audience - and monetize the connection

The very term ‘broadcast’ implies a traditional, one-way, outbound communication channel. But what if you could initiate a genuine, two-way interaction with users – where they are willing and able to find and communicate with you? Establishing an inbound communication stream of ‘active discovery’ is a proven way to build new, improved revenue streams.

Pluxbox boosts your revenues by using the cloud to bring users and revenue to your door: for example, by creating an advertising model for monetizing visitors to your web site.

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Pluxbox: easy to use (and develop)

A flexible, open platform that grows with you

While there are many solutions in the marketplace that address specific broadcasting tasks, the challenge lies in making them work seamlessly together. Pluxbox is an open platform which means that services and functionality can be easily added and integrated, via Application Program Interfaces (APIs). You can use 3rd party solutions without having to redefine processes or replace your infrastructure. In fact, it’s the nearest solution in the market to a ‘no code’ platform.

Pluxbox gives you flexibility – delivering the in-built scalability needed to futureproof your operation.

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Who uses Pluxbox?

500 radio stations can’t be wrong…

To date, we have worked with more than 500 different radio stations delivering an engaging environment where creativity can flourish; where menial tasks are automated or eliminated; and where it’s easy to connect with audiences, gather data, turn this into intelligence – and use it to improve content and boost reach and revenues. Pluxbox ultimately facilitates a constant cycle of continuous improvement… Which is exactly what you need to fight the next wave of competition.

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