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Proven to support your needs, your way

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a smaller business, we understand the challenges you face in implementing and managing successful technology projects

Tackling constant digital transformation in a post-Covid world is confusing, disruptive, risky, and expensive. Which is why we created Pluxbox.

Pluxbox is a no-code, cloud-based collaboration platform proven to deliver the freedom and flexibility you need to support your business, your way - by seamlessly integrating different software solutions and automating routine tasks.

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A single platform, built around your needs

Pluxbox gives you a range of cross-functional benefits that are attractive to multiple stakeholders. We’ll help you secure all-important buy-in - while breaking down potential silos within your organization.


Bring your entire sales cycle to one place. Close more deals faster with in-time actions enabled by automated lead routing, contract management and real-time status updates


Asure lead conversion through personalised email marketing automation and manage all your activities across numerous channels.

Customer care

Boost the productivity of customer support processes by accessing all the essential client information from various sources in one unified interface.

Media / Content

Get your content to market fast with the help of a highly organised digital media library and efficient collaboration with all stakeholders.

Human Resources

Make your hiring, onboarding and retaining processes more efficient with one connected view on all the data and activities.

A single platform, built around your needs

Traditionally, Software as a Service (SaaS) has been integrated in a haphazard way via API- driven interfaces. It has never been truly integrated onto a single platform…until now. We see software solutions as engines that exist to support your business – sending and receiving information. With Pluxbox you can fine-tune the engine to your needs:

Deploy Pluxbox strategically – at scale - across your organization to create a bespoke no-code platform that is easy to implement and maintain and helps your people work faster and more efficiently – with a clear overview of how and where resources are being used.

Use the platform to tackle and solve specific tasks: for example, by automating selected day-to-day processes or building specific applications – again, without a single line of code needed.

Are you working on a project right now that could benefit from some ‘inside-the-box’ thinking?

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Pluxbox: why reinvent
the wheel?

Pluxbox is above all flexible. You can deploy it as an off-the-shelf the system using proven, pre-established templates; or you can customize the platform to your precise needs. Either way, its features and functionality have been developed over more than a decade – which means that we can hit the ground running.

Our solution is based on a simple, dynamic licensing model that is not dependent on major capital investment and minimizes physical disruption to your existing infrastructure. In fact, with Pluxbox you can even add different third-party solutions and services to the platform, thus giving you the freedom to try new solutions from around the world - without having to redefine processes or replace your infrastructure.

So, if you’re looking for a solution that brings speed, flexibility and agility to your business, maybe it’s time to think inside the box.

Are you working on a project right now that could benefit from some ‘inside-the-box’ thinking?

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Integrate or create:
it’s up to you

Here’s just a small selection of the applications we can integrate onto the Pluxbox Platform. Or we can create bespoke tools to fit your unique needs (as we have more many satisfied clients). It really is your choice.

A partner you can
truly rely on

Now we’ve introduced our platform, why not discover more about the company behind it? At Pluxbox, we have a decade-plus track record of working with enterprises of all sizes in order to optimize the performance of their technology – and people.

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