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Pluxbox empowers media organisations to truly unite and orchestrate their workflows in one digital ecosystem.

Integrating the overflow of tools and complex processes in your own Digital Ecosystem gives your teams power to create the most engaging content in the most efficient way.

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Following your flow

Scale up or scale down - no strings attached. Pluxbox is made to match your dynamic regardless of the way your media supply chain needs to go.

Fully Customizable

Our open system gives you all the freedom to create your own tailor-made workflows and automations for a truly streamlined media supply chain.

Fast time-to-value

Our fully visual no-code platform with more than 50 pre-built and pre-tested components let you experience your designed system 10x faster than alternatives.

Excelling your targets

Pluxbox Platform empowers your media supply chain to move even faster with countless possibilities of integrations and automations.

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    Your metadata worth gold. Either it is hitting the bullseye of your audience's wishes or effortlessly delivering content across multiple platforms. Pluxbox helps to


    your (meta)data into interconnected and standardized database


    your media supply chain with media-centric automations.

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    We have already delivered what we promised for many media organisations

    rtl rai wireless virgin radio Bauer Media dpg talpa npo lbfbs mediahuis vrt cogeco yle
    rtl rai wireless virgin radio Bauer Media dpg talpa npo lbfbs mediahuis vrt cogeco yle

    We decided to jettison traditional production workflows and to develop an all-new approach. We can now attract the finest radio talent whose technical background has become all but irrelevant

    - Frédéric Bochart, RTL Belgium’s Director of Technology -

    The biggest advantage is the flexibility Pluxbox Platform offers, not just in terms of where it can be accessed from, but also in terms of how quickly new systems can be integrated and new Pluxins created

    - Will Trueman, News UK's Broadcast Network & Systems Engineer -

    In the context of the IBC Accelerator project, which gave birth to Maria Callas as a digital twin, the Orchestrator developed by Pluxbox was an excellent solution to automate various steps and provide an overview of the necessary processes.

    - Roberto Iacoviello, RAI’s Lead Research Engineer -

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