Digital Shortcut: 4 reasons why no-code is your best friend in a digital transformation journey

Learn how no-code development can streamline your digital transformation

by Diana Turkova

Digital Shortcut: 4 reasons why no-code is your best friend in a digital transformation journey
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Digital Transformation has become more than just a fancy term within a business strategy, but an inevitable breaking point for the business of any scale to move forward. So far, it is often associated with something very expensive and too complex to implement. Fortunately, with the rising need of digital transformation - the solutions for it keep innovating to make the process less painful for IT executives.

No-code has become an answer to digital transformation needs of many organisations. So, which aspects of no-code platforms help to transform your business? Read on to find out!

  • Ease of adaptation
    Enterprise software is naturally complex to develop due to the increasing complexity of the businesses requirements. The process requires a long time and an extensive IT team for manual code writing to handle the development. The challenge becomes even greater when the organisation wishes to integrate their system with other solutions. With no-code, the experience is completely opposite. The main idea of no-code is to simplify the development process. No-code platforms rely on visual components. Therefore, instead of writing lines of code - a developer will simply drag and drop building blocks, which already contain secure and solid code inside.

  • Hands-off maintenance
    It is an inevitable reality that to develop and deploy an application is only a half way of the whole life cycle. The next essential step is to maintain it. Traditionally, a company would have a separate team dedicated to maintaining an application. When a curtain change is required, a team has to develop a new code plus to make sure it does not undermine other parts of the application. It is a time consuming process, which stops organisations from timely responding to the ever changing environment. No-code platforms simply do not require organisations to worry about complex maintenance processes anymore as it is all already taken care of by a platform provider. Thanks to the visual interface, processes and connection between systems can be easily monitored and edited. This makes handling the system's health much easier and efficient.

  • Efficient use of resources
    Many conventional digital solutions can overwhelm any executive with their pricy plans causing corporations to postpone their digital strategy for better times. Even if the organisation decides to develop their own system, it involves more human resources and a lengthy development process, which can also result in a lot of out of pocket expenses. Not talking about additional expenditures on the maintenance team, which has to sustain a developed system on a regular basis. However, thanks to no-code platforms, the whole development process can take 10 times faster while involving less resources than traditional software development.

  • Flexibility
    It is not a secret that the modern world is characterised by its rapidly changing environment. It forces all businesses without an exception to be able to adapt fast. Unfortunately, old legacy systems simply were not designed for rapid changes. If one part of the system is altered - the other interconnected one will break. This aspect makes it impossible for conventional development processes to execute a full-scale and long-term digital transformation. On the other hand, no-code platforms allow IT executives to change and tailor their applications as frequently as needed, because the rest of the routine processes are already taken care of!

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