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Design and truly unite your media supply chain easier, faster and without any code!

A fully open system - no strings attached

Nothing is locked in. Ever. Our powerful integrations and APIs make sure your datasets and even entire infrastructure move freely in and out the platform without risking to lose valuable information.
We completely eliminate the burden of managing and financing your own storage and virtualization servers. Behind the scenes, we compile for you all the code and resources to transform your input into a fully functional application. Just in a matter of seconds!

Build and automate your vision

From smallest routine tasks to complex enterprise grade applications - Pluxbox Platform empowers to build, automate and connect any type of program. And all this is possible without entering a single line of code! Connect desired integrations and data sources as simple as just dragging a line between them. Empower automation by our versatile condition settings!

  • Build
  • Automate
  • Connect

Untangle your data and truly connect your teams

Our fully visual Workdata tab makes it easy to build complex relationships between any datasets. Make your organisation truly synced with all the data available anywhere and to anyone. Your teams will never miss any valuable insights anymore! The best part is all the back-end matters like storing and handling errors are completely on us! Just drop in your data from any source and start connecting!

  • Streamline
  • Synchronize

Design and excel your apps

Pluxbox Platform enables you to create a fully functional prototype in minutes. With the power of state logic, you can bring any functionality you wish. Most exciting part is that you can do it without any knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Don't want to lose your custom-built logic? No worries, all your components can be easily saved, reused or even published on Pluxmarket!

  • Save components
  • Reuse components
  • Publish components

Get inspired with our tutorials

See how easy it is to get started with Pluxbox Platform in our curated tutorial videos.

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    In a time pressure? Make your app even faster with our curated templates! Adjust to your custom workflow or use directly with the standard configuration. All the templates were thoughtfully made by our team to satisfy all your most essential needs.


    Want to build your custom application from scratch, but looking for the right building blocks? Install our ready-to-use components that fit your needs and feel the power of creating a lean solution in hours instead of months.

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