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Our mission

It stands beyond just providing a technology, but opening new horizons for media organizations to optimize their media supply chain and expand market reach with diversified content range.

Your success (and ours) is determined by how fast and smart we are in reacting to change in our markets and the world-at-large. We support your business and give you the freedom to focus on what matters. We’ll take care of the rest.

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A platform you can truly rely on

The reasons why our customers trusted us with their challenges

  • 1. We start every project afresh

    Every project is an innovation for us. We learn from past experiences, but never let it become a standard for new endeavors

  • 2. We give your demands an utmost importance

    Pressure of business constraints can feel like there is not enough room for innovation. At Pluxbox, we are able to deliver innovations with any limitations

  • 3. We look beyond technology

    We believe technologies and entrepreneurship have to go hand in hand with each other in order to create a real and long-term impact on media supply chain

  • 4. Our strength is fast and personalized delivery

    Our no-code platform empowers any media company to easily build a highly personalized solution for a truly streamlined media supply chain. Bonus point: it is also 10x faster than alternatives

  • 5. We are able to deliver more for less

    Investing in technologies has always been a pain for the budget. Thanks to our no-code platform, we are able to ease the money burden and still deliver a superior digital solution

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    Transforming your media operations requires only one step!

    Our mission is to support our customers needs. Thanks to the power of no-code, you do not need anymore an overwhelming amount of human resources, time commitment and maintenance efforts to develop a desired digital solution.

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