Whatever you want to achieve…

You can rely on Pluxbox to do the heavy lifting

Why pluxbox? Because Pluxbox does the your lifting

What is your greatest challenge? Your biggest problem? Your most urgent task? At Pluxbox our starting point is you, your goals and KPIs – and then working together to explore how our solution can have the greatest impact. Over the years we have worked with some 100 companies – from the world’s best-known media companies to leading supermarkets to the transport & logistics industry. Ours is a trusted solution, proven to deliver for our clients: from creating and integrating entire live broadcast platforms that bring together vast amounts of disparate information via simple and intuitive no-code user interfaces; to automating individual processes like label printing, saving several hours of manual labor every day.

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Low risk, high reward

Above all, Pluxbox is scalable with an extremely low cost of ownership. You can start small, see the value for yourself, evaluate the risk - and prove the concept. From there, the only limit is your imagination. When clients enter into a long-term partnership with us, they can be assured that they will never need to make another big-ticket technology investment ever again. The bottom line: building large, customized technology platforms is becoming increasingly challenging without colossal capital expenditure – on both products and people. Even then, what works today, may not be suitable tomorrow (as Covid has shown). Meanwhile, using off-the-shelf solutions requires immense time, work and effort to integrate and adapt to your needs.

With Pluxbox you don’t have to make these compromises. Instead. you can futureproof your operations against volatility with minimal investment of time, money and resources – in everything from development to onboarding to personnel.

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The need for speed

Ultimately, your success (and ours) is determined by how fast and smart we are in reacting to change in our markets and the world-at-large. Our goal is to support your business and give you the freedom to focus on what matters. We’ll take care of the rest.